About me

pilates positionAs a qualified Pilates Foundation teacher I have taught one-to-one and group classes around London and Brighton. I use Pilates as a platform and stable foundation to build exercises around individual needs. Each body and person is unique and Pilates allows you to find your own ideal posture, body shape, and fitness.

I get great satisfaction from seeing someone transform from a tense stressed person to a light, energised person, who appears to suddenly stand taller and straighter. Seeing the confidence individuals achieve from just getting to understand their own bodies is amazing.

I qualified as sports massage therapist to support my Pilates work as I wanted to know more about soft tissue and releasing techniques, especially when dealing with someone who has painful and long-standing postural problems. I could see how Pilates helped, but just by being able to release some of the deeper fibres that had been shortened for such a long time really sped up their recovery time.